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ScaleStop is a South African manufactured water conditioning system, designed to combat limescale and rust. The inner core in the system acts as a catalytic converter, with standard BSP threaded ends for easy installation. The device consists of various metals and minerals, moulded in a unique form. The ScaleStop system prevents rusting of water pipes and prevents scale build-up in geysers and equipment, whilst also softening water. Industrial stainless steel units are also available in various sizes for all applications. Apart from cleaning the above unit twice a year, the electrode should be replaced after 5 years. Replacements electrodes are readily available for model C25 only.

Our New ECONO RANGE of light industrial units is custom built to meet end user’s requirements. These systems are ideally suited for lodges and hotels where the flow rate varies. The ECONO RANGE systems are designed to treat water flow rates between 6000 and 21000 liters per hour. These units are to be used with the ScaleStop Electron Booster.


ScaleStop Electron Booster™

Why a Booster?  “It’s like adding a turbo charger”

The ScaleStop Electron Booster™ is a supplementary outside source of power connected to the ScaleStop Water Conditioner. The Booster™ generates and releases electrons   via a weak electrical current, into the water as it passes through the ScaleStop system.

In order to understand how scale forming can be prevented, you need to understand how it is formed initially.
Scale build-up occurs when minerals present in water (Calcium and Magnesium) bond with each other. The one is positively charged and the other negative, thus the attraction –similar to magnets.

The electrons generated by the Booster™, neutralize the natural electrical charge of the minerals present in water. By neutralizing the charge, these minerals simply stay in suspension instead of being attracted to each other. * By preventing these minerals bonding, they simply stay in suspension and are flushed away.

How does ScaleStop Work?

    • CATALYTIC TECHNOLOGY ; ELECTRICITY GENERATED BY USING DIFFERENT METALS. Applying the discovery of Michael Faraday and Sir Humpfrey Davy. The minerals are neutralized (i.e.: not positive or negative charge, and simply stay in suspension.

    A similar reaction happens in an ordinary flashlight battery. Electro-chemical reaction taking place.

Flashlight battery contains various metals that react with each other.

(2) FRICTION & TURBULENCE: Due to the unique shape of the inner core friction and turbulence is generated. This results in ALL THE WATER coming into contact with all metals ( i.e. The inner core) Thus: all the water is treated, not only parts. The shape helps with the “break-up”  (separating) process.


ScaleStop acts as a PARTICLES DIS-INTEGRATOR. Not just because of turbulence and friction, but also due to electricity generated that neutralizes minerals so they do not bond ! Note the unique shape of the inner core !


  1. ScaleStop systems are NOT sensitive for low flow rates – unlike some other systems


(3) An OUTSIDE source of electricity – STATIC ELECTRICITY – is added to the unit via an earth wire, adding additional neutralizing and separation.

* We recommend the Electron Booster should be used where ever possible.




Natural electrical current is generated and released into the water neutralising the charge of the minerals in the water. The minerals are no longer attracted to each other but simply stay in suspension.