What is ScaleStop Water Conditioners?

The ScaleStop Water Improver is not a water filter or a purifier, but a water conditioner.

It is used for the following purposes:

  • Preventing buildup of lime-scale and rust
  • Preventing build-up of iron and manganese deposits
  • Improving wash through wetter water resulting in savings on washing powders
  • Removing existing lime-scale and rust
  • Improving taste, especially brackish or sulfur water
  • Preventing blocking of water spraying equipment though lime-scale build-up


For the safeguarding of equipment such as warm water installations, geysers, heating elements, solar panels, cleaning equipment, pasturising equipment, ice machines, cooling towers, air conditioners, sterilizers, condensators, compressors, water-cooled engines, pumps, fountains, cooling equipment, water supplies for chickens, pigs, rabbits, livestock, sprinkle and drip irrigation, swimming pools and similar applications.

Not only is equipment protected against damage caused by harmful scale and rust build-up, but the effectiveness of the functioning is improved resulting in huge savings in energy consumption as well as costly lost man-hours that would have been lost through maintenance on faulty equipment.

We are a registered supplier to South Africa National Parks.